Core Courses

Our curriculum is based on three integrated language competency areas: Speaking & Grammar, Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening. The focus is on communication, vocabulary, and the active use of the language

MESLS offers six levels: 101 (Beginning), 102 (High Beginning), 201 (Intermediate), 202 (High Intermediate), 301 (Advanced), and 302 (High Advanced). Students take a placement test on the first day of Orientation to determine their level in each competency area.


Speaking & Grammar: Review basic word order and verb tenses. Increase vocabulary and fluency as you play language games, practice asking questions, and use adjectives, adverbs, articles, and quantifiers.

Reading & Writing: Improve comprehension of simple texts. Increase vocabulary and the ability to write paragraphs and letters with main idea and support sentences. Improve accuracy and knowledge of English sentence structures.

Speaking & Listening: Understand and use English in basic conversations as you review the grammar and vocabulary from the other subjects and work on pronunciation.


Speaking & Grammar: Expand your knowledge of the verb tense system, gerunds and infinitives, modals, and prepositions. Improve accuracy as well as fluency as you practice the language points with enjoyable activities.

Reading & Writing: Increase your ability to read and understand texts on a variety of topics as you learn new ways to express your ideas. Improve sentence writing and paragraph development in order to produce short compositions. Develop editing and revising skills.

Speaking & Listening: Increase your ability to speak clearly and understand well in daily communication situations. Learn to recognize idioms and fast speech. Express ideas when speaking informally and formally, and review the grammar and vocabulary from the other subjects.


Speaking & Grammar: Focus on complex sentences using relative clauses, the passive voice, and useful words including gerunds and infinitives, adjectives and adverbs, and modals. Express your ideas fully and accurately in speaking and in writing.

Reading & Writing: Read and discuss a wide variety of authentic texts, and continue to increase vocabulary. Write academic papers of various types including reports, analyses, and syntheses as you begin to incorporate source information into your writing.

Speaking & Listening: Increase your ability to communicate well in nearly all situations – daily, social and academic – as you increase your confidence through practice and presentations, and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar from the other courses. Listen to conversations, news, and academic lectures.