Cours facultatifs

Les cours facultatifs sont ouverts aux étudiants ayant complété le niveau 302 (avancé élevé). Les cours facultatifs proposés varient d’une session à une autre en fonction de l’intérêt de la part des étudiants actuels. TOEFL, IELTS et GMAT sont proposés très souvent.

American Culture

Become more familiar with the conventions of academic discussion; increase ability to understand readings in English and develop more proficiency in responsive essay writing. Gain a deeper understanding of American culture and its development.

Academic Writing

Improve your writing ability by mastering multi-clause sentences, which include noun clauses, adjective clauses, adverb clauses, and conditionals.

Business English

Learn to write business letters, reports, and electronic letters. Make telephone calls and participate in business meetings.  Increase business vocabulary and international business skills.  Practice solving problems and making decisions.

Business Writing

Write effective business letters and reports for a variety of purposes (agreements, announcements, angry letters, letters asking for action or a decision, complaints, notifications, responses, refusals, etc.).

Creative Writing

Experience a variety of writing types such as short stories, poems, and parodies, and experiment with writing in different forms.

Current Events

Increase ability to read and understand authentic texts about current events. Develop current vocabulary and ability to discuss and respond to breaking news and other relevant issues.


Increase familiarity with theater vocabulary and production roles, drama terms, and   techniques.  Practice pronunciation in order to memorize, practice, perform and record a full-length play.

Exploring Madison

Strengthen a variety of skills (reading, communication, writing) while practicing advanced vocabulary and exploring the many exciting spots in Madison, including the zoo, parks, and the Wisconsin State Capitol Building.


Develop listening skills and the ability to critically analyze a film. Increase confidence in expressing and supporting one’s ideas and opinions in English.

Movies and Novels

Increase your reading speed and learn to rely on a dictionary less by reading short novels, then improve your listening comprehension, analytical ability, and discussion prowess by watching and talking about the movies that were based on the novels.


Improve reading, writing, discussion, and critical thinking skills by using one or more novels at the advanced reading level.  Literature reading is a refreshing change from typical textbooks.


Develop ability to use native-like patterns of rhythm and stress in speech. Focus on individual pronunciation concerns. Develop consciousness of problems and knowledge of how to correct them.

Research Paper

Use online databases and library sources to write an 8-10 page paper like those required at U.S. universities.  Learn to read and think critically, and integrate source materials with your ideas using APA or MLA documentation.

Resume Writing

Develop a resume for job or university applications, and practice writing resumes using preferred U.S. formats and dynamic English.


Learn many American slang terms and judge the appropriateness of their usage as well as the tone created by their usage.

Survival English

Learn many common expressions and much useful vocabulary for living and traveling in the USA.  This is a multi-skill, high-intermediate to low-advanced level course, emphasizing communication.  This course will help students cope with situations such as travel, communicating by phone and mail, visiting a doctor, eating and shopping for food, dealing with money, and other necessities.

TOEFL Preparation

Learn about the TOEFL iBT test format in the MESLS computer labs and in class. Practice reading, listening, note-taking and speaking. Learn about and practice the two TOEFL writing tasks. Develop the skills that will bring you success not only on the TOEFL test, but also in your life.

Web Design

Learn how to make a simple homepage. Learn beginning html, html editors, and principles of good design.  No previous knowledge about web pages required.

Undergraduate School Application Essays Writing

Learn to write an undergraduate admissions essay that will set you apart from the other applicants.

Graduate School Application Essays Writing

Develop the ability to write the kind of personal essay or statement of purpose essay that U.S graduate schools require for admission.

Cross-cultural Literature

Read and compare fairy tales, memoirs, poetry, and short stories that feature writers from other cultures writing about multi-cultural people, events, customs, celebrations and every day life around the world.

Current Events and Business Today

This course uses speaking, listening, and reading skills to study the big news and business stories of the day.  A variety of media, including internet, video, newspapers, and magazines will help to build high-level vocabulary.

GRE/GMAT Test Preparation

This course will focus entirely on preparing to take the GRE/GMAT exam. The class will focus on each part of the exam and give students the opportunity to take practice tests.

Advanced Speech

This course will focus on advanced oral skills; practice organizing, writing and presenting formal speeches and participating in debates.