MESLS building
Newly remodeled and comfortable furniture
MESLS occupies the ground floor of a clean, modern building that is close to several restaurants, shops, banks, and bookstores.

Student Lounge
Refrigerator, microwave ovens, cable TV, and free coffee!!!
MESLS lounge is a great place to eat, hang out and talk with other students.

Computer labs
E-mail, audio headsets, and high-speed Internet
MESLS computers are configured with all foreign languages. Skype home for free!

Computers, televisions, audio and video equipment, secure wireless throughout school area.
MESLS offers a full range of resources and technology for English language acquisition, practice and application.

Parking lot
Students with cars may use the MESLS parking lot free of charge.



Classroom 7

Student Lounge

Classroom 4

Computer Lab 1

Computer Lab 2

Classroom 3