Посмотрите студенческое видео о жизни в MESLS:


AboodMy opinion about MESLS is so difficult to be fully explained. I cannot tell how much my English has improved. I started from lower level,101, and I graduated from the higher level, 302, with honor of all As. It was a wonderful year that I studied at this school, but I had to work hard to achieve my goals. MESLS or what I like to call it my second home has a great environment to study English with feeling comfortable to ask any question that you have in your head. Moreover, your questions are not only welcome to be answered in the class but also in the homework club and even outside of office hours. In this school, you have an opportunity to attend a university by getting all As in the higher level, so you do not need to take IELTS or TOEFL test. Also, you will get helped to complete your application for the university. Thank you, MESLS, now I have many friends from different parts of this world. Thank you, MESLS, for making my life in U.S. much easier and full of love. I will try to visit MESLS because I cannot stand being away from it.
I feel what I have written it is not enough to explain how much MESLS means to me.
Abdullah Alharbi


Musaab“Having had to face the challenge that a lot of you, potential MESLS students, are facing now, I still remember the confusion of choosing the right English school like it was yesterday. I understand that some may prefer to attend a school that is more academically structured, or a school that is part of a college. Truth be told, my goal wasn’t different from that, but now, after completing three sessions, I’m sincerely thankful that I chose MESLS. At that time, I, as might you, overlooked that as a new comer to the States. I didn’t realize that I needed an institute that not only would develop my language skills, but also would help in my transition culturally, and emotionally. MESLS was just that for me! They’re like a close family living in a quite beautiful home nestled at the heart of the charming city of Madison. The school is well-sized, and I haven’t seen more than 15 students in a class, so you’ll have the perfect environment for studying. What is more is that all the classes and facility rooms are well equipped, the staff is attentive, and MESLS personnel are helpful, welcoming, and nice. Moreover, teachers are always willing to answer your questions even outside of office hours and class. In addition, there are various activities, and free learning classes weekly. All of that accumulated creates a warm, positive, and family-like atmosphere that is, I believe, an essential part of a school in order to have a suitable environment for learning. I really enjoyed my time there, and have learned more than I thought I would. I considered MESLS a second home, and my classmates, teachers, and the staff, my family. Madison, where MESLS is located, is a captivating city that offers so many things to do, and see. I’m deeply appreciative for the pleasant experience I had in MESLS, and would definitely recommend it to anyone!”
Once-was a MESLS-student, always-is-a-member-of-MESLS-family
Musaab Alamoudi


Carolina-1“I think that even thought I really improve my English after this wonderful experience in MESLS, my English is still not good enough to explain how much this experience means to me. MESLS is not a simply Second Language School. In fact, MESLS is your family when you are far from your home. Thanks to MESLS I had had the chance to meet a lot of friends from different places around the world, learn about other cultures, and meet friendly and special people. Thanks to MESLS I never felt homesick.”
Carolina Bozzi